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Karen sings the Music of her Dad, Jay Gorney

The HOT MOONLIGHT! CD was produced and arranged by Karen Lynn and features her vocals, and harmonies on 11 of her Dad, Jay Gorney’s, hits from his films and B’way shows 1920-1960. Her Dad wrote, “Brother Can You Spare a Dime,” “You’re My Thrill,” and many classics of the American Popular Songbook. He discovered Shirley Temple, in addition to writing and producing films in the twenties and thirties. Karen is a favorite and performs her Dad’s songs at Jazz clubs in New York City between acting engagements.

In Tune, International ...updated, hard driving, swift versions of songs...Karen really has her way with these songs. Excitement is in the air at all times...she sings her very heart out."

Select a song below to hear samples of: Hot Moonlight, You're My Thrill, Brother Can You Spare A Dime?, and What I Wouldn't Do For That Man?

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"Hot Moonlight" Price: $30.00 (with autograph) Buy It!

"Gorney...has a good stage manner...in her musical performance she really scores. Her interpretations are often jazzy in nature, which suits her voice well...numbers are performed with an engaging lilt. Gorney has a background as an actress...and is ready to branch out."

LA Times:
"...Saturday Night Fever made Gorney an instant movie star...judging from her performance...her singing...can be classified as skilled."

The Evening Bulletin: Poptalk (Philadelphia):
"...a voice- two parts flirtatious/vivacious and one part sincere... Brisk pacing, and inspired coloration...One can derive fair pleasure from the skillful weave of (the) rhythmic bed.'

Stevenslants by Gary Stevens:
"Her daddy, Jay Gorney, wrote hit melodies in the long ago 1930s, so daughter Karen Lynn laid down some tracks for a CD in which she gave a 21 st Century treatment to pop's output."

New York Sheet Music Society:
It is hard to decide where to start in praising this wonderful new CD: Karen Lynn Gorney's terrific and individualistic style, or her father, Jay Gorney's terrific contribution to the Great American Songbook. Both should come first! ... Karen has a wonderful balance of mood and tempo in her selections. It comes as no surprise that this is such a great album to listen to. Karen has been a professional all her life and it really shows...she is definitely her father's daughter, and she puts her own individual interpretation into each and every song.

"Hot Moonlight" Price: $30.00 (with autograph) Buy It!

Visit Karen's official website at: www.karenlynngorney.com