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Sondra Gorney

Sondra is the widow of Jay Gorney. As an actor, she has appeared in numerous Off-Broadway productions, including comedies and classics, short films, and television dramas. As a writer, she co-authored a how-to-do book and has had various articles published in national magazines. As a public relations executive, she was recognized as a creative communicator. As a speaker, she has addressed many professional and civic groups, and been interviewed on radio and television programs across the country. Visit her website at: www.SondraGorney.com

Karen Lynn Gorney

Karen is the daughter of Jay Gorney and a media legend. She is the romantic star of "SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER" - the "fantasy girlfriend" who said "no" to John Travolta, and won his heart, in the super-mega-Hit film and soundtrack. Karen is also the legendary TARA MARTIN, one of the original family members on ABC's long running, award winning, "ALL MY CHILDREN." She is a classically trained actress, winner of the People's Choice & European Bravo Awards, has received raves in New York and throughout the United States, performing everything from Shakespeare to Neil Simon. Visit her website at: www.KarenLynnGorney.com

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